Dominika Zamara – Duo “Voice & Guitar”


The internationally-renowned “Voice and Guitar Duo” of Dominika Zamara (Soprano) and Stanley Alexandrowicz (Classical Guitar) bring together the worlds of Opera, Lieder, Song, and Contemporary Music, in realizations of unmatched sonic beauty and rarified musical intelligence.


One of the finest singers before the public today, Dominika Zamara is equally adroit in the spheres of Grand Opera, 19th Century Lieder, Sacred Music, and Contemporary Works. Hailing originally from Poland, and now based in Venice, she has sung throughout Europe to unanimous acclaim—virtually wherever she appears—Paris, London, Vienna, Madrid, Prague, etc., and throughout all of Italy.

The “Voice and Guitar Duo” of Zamara and Alexandrowicz presents in recital, music ranging from Renaissance lute songs and Baroque arias, to the high drama of “Verismo” and Contemporary Works written specifically for their unique talents.

Touring throughout the United States, and  soon to be performing in Europe and Asia, they are featured on the forthcoming EDIT MUSIC ITALY CD of Dominika Zamara.

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