This October begins a series of exciting international performances in the United States and Europe!

The renowned (and “sonically marvelous”) SALON 33 in Princeton, New Jersey  features “Romantic and Contemporary Masters”—Virtuoso Guitar Works by 19th Century Virtuoso Guitarist-Composers (Napoleon Coste, Ivan Padovec, Johann Dubez ) & Contemporary American Master-Composers (Kendall Kennison, Edward Green, Brian Fennelly, and Maestro Robert W. Butts) on Sunday 22 October. A “Meet the Composers” session will also featured that evening — several of these award winning composers will be in attendance to speak about their compositions and share their thoughts and insights with the audience!

Other Highlights Include:

Internationally renowned soprano Dominika Zamara and I join forces on 30 November (MCL Concert Series in Lawrenceville, NJ) to perform a recital of arias, songs, and solos. Our program consists of famous operatic arias by Vincenzo Bellini, Antonín Dvořák, Gioachino Rossini, Georges Bizet; songs by Mauro Giuliani—Italy’s leading guitar virtuoso of the early 19th century; and solo guitar works by Napoleon Coste and Johann Dubez—two of the late Romantic Period’s greatest virtuoso composer-guitarists!

Dominika and I will celebrate the music of great American Maestro Robert W. Butts on December 9th in New York City at the National Opera Center. Included will be the NY Premiere of his “Early Morning Suite” (for solo guitar), and the American Premiere of arias from “La Serva di Padova” (lyrics by Dott. Vincenzo Faggiano) — written for and dedicated to Dominika. (Also include are selections from Maestro Butts’ chamber operas.)

Later that month will be our duo-tour in Poland—including a recital on 21 December at the world-famous “Oratorium Marianum”—the beautiful and historic concert hall where musical “giants of the past” including Franz Liszt, Johannes Brahms, Niccolo Paganini, Anton Rubinstein, Clara Schumann (amongst others) have performed!

Venice awaits on 27 December—again to celebrate the music of great American Maestro Robert W. Butts!

For a more Complete Listing, and details about Times and Locations, please check my “Upcoming Concerts” webpage, and Facebook Listings!