photo 7March and April proved a fantastic time for music making in both Italy and England! Starting in the UK with a London solo recital (“The Virtuoso Guitar – 10 and 6 String Guitars”), and proceeding next to the University of Surrey for a lecture-recital to inaugurate the opening of the International Guitar Research Centre (“The Evolution of the Romantic Multi-string Guitar”), England proved to be “the land with MUCH music, and GREAT musical company!” My “companions” therein were the renowned guitar historian and scholar Allan Clive Jones (and his lovely wife Karen); the “Colossus of the Keyboard” British pianist Jonathan Powell; and perhaps the finest luthier alive today, the great Gary Southwell (who built my two fantastic guitars—with a third “Bog Oak” guitar in the works!).

photo 9I proceeded next to lovely Venice to begin my Italian tour with the possessor of certainly one of the LOVELIEST voices in the world today, the Great ARTIST, and my “Voice & Guitar” duo-partner, the internationally acclaimed soprano Dominika Zamara. Beginning with concerts in Padova and Vicenza, and on next to radio and television interview-recitals (broadcast throughout Italy, Switzerland, and Spain), our august company included famed actor, television host, and “raconteur extraordinaire” Gianluca Mancuso; renowned visual and graphic artist and music production “genius” Luigi Mosello (EDIT MUSIC ITALY), and host-moderator “extraordinaire” (of the Starbit Studios “Celebrity Magazine”) the phenomenal Tino Bisagni!photo 6

Upcoming  in Summer and Fall, duo (and solo) concerts for Dominika Zamara and myself include Taiwan, California, NYC, Mexico, the Bahamas, Europe, Seoul, etc.